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I'm a female in my mid twenties. I love art, traveling, music, reading and writing romance short stories... ok I lied about the romance short stories, but I do love to write.

Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Post

Throughout this year I have been fairly faithful in picking up one of my best friends habits- face masking every other day.  The friend whom I picked up this habit from is very disciplined and seems like she gets more and more disciplined with each passing year.  I now admire this in her, but of course for the longest time I just thought she was weird and needed something better to do with her time. But of course now I see that she is mature, really, she has always been for her age; she is always looking towards the future. Why am I talking about skin care and my friend’s good hygienic habits? I am getting at two things with this post-

First, is the mask I am currently using- I love it and it works wonders!! GLAMGLOW which was created & founded by Glenn & Shannon Dellimore for exclusive behind the scenes use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award Industries used professionally pre makeup for camera ready skin. Created for men & women of all ages and all skin types, maybe the best part about this product is that it is, proudly made in California, USA and available in 52 countries.  I buy mine at Sephora.   It makes your face taunt to the point of being barely able to move, it’s awesome!! It of course also clears up your skin of breakouts and gives it a great shine after use.  By using it I feel like I’m undo-ing some of my aging.  I put it on for 15 minutes and then use a warm washcloth to scrub off the mask.  I bought a trial size for $19 and it lasted me about 3-4 uses which for me was about one week.  I ordered the gift set before Christmas which included a trial size and full size.  The trial size I gifted mom for Christmas and kept the full size for myself.    


Second, brings me to the ever popular New Year’s Resolution.  I am picking one thing in particular that I think will help my life in every other aspect.  I am resolving to be disciplined as my aforementioned friend also is.  I will get in the habit of getting enough sleep, going to bed at a decent hour so that I may get up early in the morning to take advantage of my day.  I will discipline myself to focus on my health, my home, my hobbies as well as those other things like bills that also unfortunately require discipline.  I think with age I developed discipline, but as I mentioned earlier my friend seems to have developed her discipline at least a decade ago.  It seems some people are just born that way while others are not, but I don’t think that’s the case.  Remember in school there were kids that always seemed to be studying and got good grades?  I remember thinking, as I’m sure many of you also did, that they were weird, teacher’s pets, obsessed with school or just didn’t have anything better to do.  When in actuality maybe that was because they were disciplined and not just weird.  Anyone can develop this trait; it’s a choice we have to make.  I think some folks are fortunate enough to develop it earlier in life. When we saw studious kids in school these tikes probably learned it from their parents.  I want to be I am going to be a disciplined adult so that one day I will be a disciplined parent to (Lord willing) discpilined children.  But for right now I will solely focus on disciplining myself!!

Life without DISCIPLINE is like a ship without a rudder

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I’m feeling blogg-y lately!! I hope to have some great new entries lined up for everyone out there very soon!!


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I Got the Number 108

The numbers game- The things you may or may not know about me is the status update floating around Facebook.  I usually avoid those kinds of things, like the giraffe game and whatever other silly things.  I accidentally liked a number game status from a friend of mine. I couldn’t help myself, I slipped. Her list of things was brutally honest and highly amusing. She so loving gave me the number 108.  I’ve been working on this for a few days, as you can tell since the numbers game has subsided.  I’ll send it out with a bang.

Things you may or may not know about me-

1. Let’s start with an easy one- I’m a server and I like it.  I’m good at it, and the bosses are ok people.


2. I’m currently watching Silver Linings Playbook that I rented from Redbox and I’m a little distracted by it.

3. I’m an only child from a single parent home.  I obviously have no nieces, nephews or cousins.  A lot of people make the assumption that only children are spoiled.  I’m not though.  Since being out in the work force, I rarely hold one job: I usually have at least two.  Right now I only have one, but I don’t think that will last much longer.

4. My house is messy.  I have a mattress that needs flipped, a living room that needs cleaned, a bedroom that needs my former roommate’s stuff out, a basement and a garage that needs emptied and organized.

5. My favorite colors are brown and coral.

6. I played volleyball from 6th grade until my senior year in high school.  I miss playing-  I have an interest in playing sand volleyball, but I can never put a team together.


7. I went to a lot of different schools.  I wish I would’ve gone to just one or two, but I’ve met a lot of different people considering how small all my private schools were that I attended.

8. I hosted trivia for about 6 months this year and every week I tried to include something that my mom would know the answer to or that reminded me of her.


9.  I did pageants for 16 years of my life.  I won some and I lost some and I quit when there was no way I could win the game that you had to play.

10.  I think my purpose in life is to be an advocate for the rights of defenseless animals.  It may sound crazy, but thoughts of animal abuse and neglect sometimes keep me up at night.  When I was a kid I took a vow in the back seat of my moms car after seeing a dog loose by the side of the road on 35 westbound that every and any chance I get I would stop and help any animal I could.  Recently, I helped rescue a little maltese that had been hit and was scared on Wayne Ave.  She was trying to hide under the cars in the middle of the road we stopped to try and help her.  She ended up not sustaining any injuries.  I also hosted my first fundraiser this year and it was to benefit SICSA Pet Adoption Center.


11. This is my favorite number.

12. When I was young I remember I couldn’t wait to be a 12 year old in 6th grade.  I was so excited, yet 6th grade ended up being one of the hardest years of my life.  I made many poor choices and I live with them still to this day.  I have a hard time forgiving myself and others.

13. My first kiss was when I went to school in Downtown Dayton.  His name was Tony and he had big hears.  I distinctly remember acting like adults. Such as “Give me a kiss before you go home.”  Needless to say, it didn’t last very long.

14.  I remember also, when I was at that same school we had a Christmas program and we were all reindeer.  I was very upset that I was not the only Rudolph.

15. I played outside when I was kid.  I didn’t have nerf guns or video games, like the neighbor kids, but we would play kickball with ghost man on second…

16.  I had a sweet 16 party before there was such a thing as “My Super Sweet 16.”  Mine wasn’t super sweet, but it was kinda sweet.

17.  I didn’t have my license until after I was 18 and I failed my driving test the first time.

18.  I love the Cincinnati Bengals.  I don’t follow the Reds too closely.


19.  My dog is named after former Cincinnati Bengal Cedric Benson.  When the Bengals came to Welcome Stadium for practice I was so happy to shout to Ced Benson- “I named my dog after you!”

20.  In 2012, I went to training camp for the Bengals four times.  I got signed jersies from Rey Maualuga, AJ Green and Andy Dalton.  Three of my most prized possessions.

21. I’ve been to 6 Bengals games.  One was pre-season against Baltimore with Danielle.  Two were home games against the Browns that we won.  One was against the Raiders with Palmer as their QB and we won!! And one was against The Cowboys in Dallas in their last stadium.

22. I like going to Brunch with Harker and Chase at Blind Bob’s on Sunday.

23. I flew on my first plane in the 90’s and had no fear.  I didn’t fly again until about 14 years later and was extremely nervous. They say it’s supposedly safer than driving.  When I fly now I pretend like I’m a rockstar; they fly all the time.

24. I’ve been single a long time.  Nearly my whole life really.  I’ve never been in a long term relationship and when I was in school I never was asked to homecoming or prom.

25. When I did political campaign work I traveled to 12 different states in two years.  Over the span of my life I would say I’ve been to at least to half the states in the country.

26.  I’ve never been out of the country except to Canada and everyone says that doesn’t count.

27. Massachusetts is my favorite place I’ve been.

28. I got my noise pierced in Hyannis MA.

29.  I don’t have any tattoos.

30. I still love the Backstreet Boys, because I feel like they are something my mother and I bond over.  Meeting them was the best day of my life.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see them five times and only paid for it once.


31.  I named my hermit crabs after the Backstreet Boys.  My first one was Howie the Hermit crab.

32.  2010 was the most bittersweet year of my life.  I went to AR and found my aforementioned dog.  I came home in June shortly before the passing of my Nanny.  This was the same year I got autographs from the Bengals and also aforementioned Howie from the Backstreet Boys (not in the same day.)

33.  I’ve never paid for weed.  I smoked it for the first time with my friend Leslie when I was about 20 or 21. I’ve smoked it maybe twice since then.

34. Parachute is one of my other favorite bands.  I have a sentimental pull towards them also.  I first heard them in Florida in 2009 I was with a good friend of mine that I don’t talk to enough anymore.  in 2011 I decided that I wanted them to know who I was and know me by name.  I made them candy buckeyes and homemade t-shirts.  I started a fan club/ street team of sorts.  I’m proud to say they do know me by name and I consider them friends.


35. I wish I would’ve tried harder to play the piano.  Learning how to play the piano and guitar is on my bucket list.

36.  I love to learn- I wish I could take every class at Sinclair. That was my favorite time in my academics when I was in college.

37.  I want to learn how to speak Spanish.

38. I want to learn how to sew and I’m kinda mad my Nanny never taught me.


39. When I was in school English was one of my best subjects; I loved to diagram sentences.

40.  At the start of 7th grade, my math teacher Mrs. Moore said if you maintained a B average you could test to take Algebra I the following year which was a high school credit class. I worked hard all year to take that test and pass because I was convinced everyone thought I was dumb; I wanted to prove them wrong.  I passed the test and was in Algebra I in 8th grade.

41. I remember when I was in either 3rd or 4th grade I saw the teachers lesson plans for the week.  I did my work ahead of time.  I got in trouble and had to redo it, but I don’t understand why.

42. I used to get speeding tickets every year in either November or December.  I hadn’t got a ticket for quite a while up until I got flashed by one of those unconstitutional red light speeding cameras, which I refuse to pay.

43. When I was in third grade I first discovered American Girl dolls.  I wanted one for a long time, but I didn’t get one until I was 12 years old.  I was kinda too old at that point.  That made me sad.

44.  I don’t have cable TV.  It helps me save money and keeps me from being a TV zombie.

45.  I’ve been fired several times, never for stealing though.  A lot of times it’s been for being late.

46.  One of my favorite mottos- “Life’s a dance, you learn as you go.  Sometimes you lead sometimes you follow.”

47. I’m a Mac snob.

48.  I’m kinda a late bloomer in every sense of the word.

49.  I blame Ashley Robertson for the size of my boobs.  When we were in elementary school she grabbed them and said they were huge and other than weight gain I think they have ceased to grow since that day.

50. Earlier this year was the first time I ever snowboarded in my life and I’ve never skied.


51.  I hate the dentist, like most of you.  I plan on getting a mouth make over with all new bright shiney pearly whites.

52.  I’ve never been to a shooting range.  I have a lot of people tell me they will take me, but they haven’t yet.

53. My photo is a book of Dayton’s history when the city was presented with the All American City Award in 1991.

54.  I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and griddle I’ve never used.

55.  Blood veins and needles make me queazy.

56.  I would go fan girl crazy if I ever had the chance to meet Mark Wahlberg.

57.  I applied to be on The Amazing Race with my friend Dina Adduchio, we never heard back.

58.  I grew up listening to country music.  Colin Raye was my first concert.  He was out at a park mom told me to run up to the stage and get his towel.  This was before anyone knew who he was.

59.  When I was younger my mom used to take me to meet celebrities with my crowns and banners I had won in pageants.  I continue to be somewhat of a celebrity chaser.  I’ve met numerous Soap stars, musicians such as Hanson, among others, WWE wrestling “stars” and celebrities such as Don Adams, Dick Clark and Bob Hope.


60.  I interned at Disney World when I was 20.

61.  I don’t know how to whistle.

62.  I lost 40lbs last year, but I still want to lose more.

63.  When I was in the first grade, there were only 4 other people in my class and I was the only girl.

64.  I got in a few fights in school.  One was when I was in Jr. High and Rose was bullying me.  I lost that one, she was bigger than me.  She put me in a head lock.  I later got into another one in 9th grade.  I’m sure there were more, but I can’t remember.

65.  I bought my first pair of Nikes.  I also bought my first Coach.

66.  I’ve been arrested for trespassing.

67.  I’ve had a dwarf hamster that was mean and bit all the time.  I had a Teddy Bear hamster that we loved that was so sweet and funny.  We had two Guinea Pigs, lots of hermit crabs, two beta fighting fish, and 6 dogs in my life.  Right now I only have Benny, but I want more critters, he needs more company.

68.  I used to be a liberal, until I found out what each party stood for.  I wish George Washington was still around. I’m pretty sure he would have the final say over all our government.

69.  It used to drive me crazy when my Nanny would shake her two pointer fingers at me and say “Shamey, shamey.”  I have no idea why, it was like nails on a chalk board.

70.  I used to dance like crazy in Nanny’s front room and she never minded, she would just sit and watch TV.

71.  We used to eat at Cracker Barrel all the time.

72.  My Nan used to take me down to Forrest Fair Mall.  They had rides inside that mall.  A ferris Wheel, bumper cars among other things.

73.  My mom and Nan used to always take me to a store there called Cartoon Corner to buy me Betty Boop and Bugs Bunny stuff.

74.  I have a grapevine in my yard.

75.  Nerds used to be my favorite candy when I was a kid.

76.  I was a born salesperson.  I sold a crap ton of candy bars when I was in elementary school.  I won cash prizes often for my signature gathering.  And now I continue to kick butt at selling stuff.

77.  I’m $35 from paying off my Macy’s card, I’ve paid off my Best Buy card, I have a zero balance on my NY & C card and I’m one payment away from paying off my HH Gregg credit card as well.  My Visa, Victoria Secret and Target card doesn’t have the same good news to report.

78.  I was a JV cheerleader when I was in 10th grade.  I was my high school mascot my junior year in high school.  I was a Varsity Volleyball player all four years of high school, but moved to JV in 10th grade so I would have more playing time.

79.  I used to call America’s Funniest Home Videos- America’s Home Funniest and my mom never corrected me.

80.  I’ve never broken a bone in my body.

81.  I’ve never been to Times Square.

82.  The highlight of my Friday nights when I was a kid was TGIF- With Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Full house.

83.  The highlights of my weeks nights were the top 8 at 8.  A karaoke machine was the only kind of technology that I had when I was a kid.  I lived for my radio.

84.  When I was a “political activist” I was on local news twice. I was interviewed twice, once in Harrison AR and the other time was in Lubbock TX.

85.  On my first day of third grade at John Hole Elementary School I was playing on the monkey bars, I slipped and I knocked myself out.

86.  I pulled a prank on my senior class by loading nearly everyone’s photo on  I never would have thought it would happen, but I got caught.  I still think it’s funny though.

87.  One of my favorite memories was the day I spent at King’s Island with my friend Kristen Norris.  That day was pretty much perfect.

88.  I own every season of Sex and the City, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl on DVD.

89.  I remember in 3rd and 4th grade we were quite the entrepreneurs.  We made fortune tellers to sell during free time.  A fellow class mate and I brought books to school to loan out, because our library was so poor.

90.  I remember shopping at the Salem Mall, I remember when the Fairfield mall opened, I remember the Dayton Mall when JC Penney wasn’t out front and movie theaters were inside the mall.

91.  I voted for Obama the first time.  I’m sorry…

92.  My ideal job would be to own a small business.  It would have three parts.  One part would be a couture boutique, the middle would be a coffee and used book store and the other end would be a consignment shop.

93.  I’ve let friendships go and ruined a few and I hate it.  I wish I could undo some of the decisions I’ve made and had those people back in my life full time.

94.  One thing I want more than anything is a best friend.

95.  I’ve rode in several area parades, including the Air Show Parade and the Belmont Parade.

96.  I’ve been to Metropolis IL for Superman weekend where I met Superman actors and costars, comic book animators, went to The Daily Planet and toured the Superman Museum.

97. I consider Edee Baggett, Alita Wright and their families like family to me.


98.  I also consider the management staff at Brixx as family, since they like Edee and Alita so graciously welcomed me into theirs.

99.  I got free tickets to a Jimmy Buffet concert as well as a Colbie Calcait concert for free while I was petitioning.

100.  I love daytime television- The Today Show, Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful, Dr. Phil, ellen, and The Talk.

101.  I’ve rode the roller coaster in Las Vegas at New York, New York.

102.  I was in at least one TV commercial when I was a kid.

103.  I’ve had 4 cars in 10 years, AND I need another one…

104.  I think Land of Illusion has the best haunted houses.

105.  I hate the word drama.  I also hate how words and phases catch on and then people kill them, such as, “awkward,” “fail” and “epic.”

106. When I was younger I wanted to be a choreographer when I grew up, but before that I thought I wanted to be a nurse, after that I wanted to be a teacher and after that I wanted to be a psychologist.

107.  When I was 14 and 15 I tried to never wear the same thing twice to school.

108.  Lastly, and most importantly, I am a CHRISTian.  I may not always be a shining example of His light, but for the grace of God I am saved.  I believe there is one God in Heaven and earth whose name is above all.  I believe He sent His only Son to live a perfect and blameless life, who died for the sins of the world.  He sent the Holy Spirit to live in us that His light may shine through us for the rest of the world.


If you took time out of your day to read 108 things you may or may not have known about me, thank you and I’m also sorry.  If you like this, don’t worry I will not give you a number.

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This Spring, Let’s Find Our Roots

It’s the beginning of March and spring is almost here again.  With spring’s sunshine, flowers, and rain comes a few holidays to kick off warmer weather. However, did you know that both holidays actually have religious roots?  The first, St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, by Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick.  Patrick felt lead to come to Ireland from Great Britain.  His mission to cleanse The Emerald Isles of paganism and convert the Irish to Christianity by building schools and monasteries along Ireland’s North and West coasts.  

The second holiday, falling this year on March 31st, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ who was born of a virgin, lead a blameless life, performed miracles, and ministered until the time that he was crucified in place of Barabbas. Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection after laying dead three days in the grave.

With that in mind I couldn’t help but think how far we have gotten from the original meaning of these two religious holidays.  This pulls my mind back to Christmas. Christmas has become very commercial and about how much consumers are willing to spend.  Yet, I’m thinking it’s easier to see the reason for the season during Christmas with the ceramic nativity scenes and carols being sung than it is here in the springtime.  St. Patrick’s Day has shifted to being a day to celebrate Irish culture in general including wearing green, doing a jig and toasting a pint (or two) instead of honoring St. Patrick. Easter has become more of a time to celebrate spring itself and new beginnings. It’s hard to find The Cross of Calvary among chocolate eggs, bouncing bunnies and chirping chicks.

My point is- Christmas isn’t the only season with a reason.  Take time to study our culture and history.  Don’t neglect having fun in the community celebrating what Patrick did for the Irish and the peace that comes with what Jesus did on Calvary. Just remember our traditions have roots with very significant people and events.   




Sources- and The New Testament

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Song Without a Melody

If I was able to write a song this is what it would be-

It’s been a long time since I felt something like this;

Since I felt such a warmth so fast.

All good things come to an end-

I just didn’t see it ending so soon.

You told me how you loved rollercoasters-

We were like one of those rides;

A fast start up a steep hill.

Just as it began,

It came crashing down.

I miss your hand in mine, I miss your acceptance.

I could list all of the things I miss about you,

Of it all I wonder where it went and where it could’ve gone.

I think back to your anticipation, your excitement.

Your childlike enthusiasm went straight to my heart.

You told me you weren’t going anywhere,

But your understanding had its bounds.

Who knew we’d reach them so soon?

I miss your hand on my thigh, I miss your half smile.

I could list all of the things I miss about you,

Of it all, I miss you thinking we were perfect for each other.

I miss your calls,

I miss our mornings together,

I miss the songs you sang,

I just really miss you.

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I laid down last night.

Wrapped my arms and legs around my pillow.

I pretend it’s you.

I think back to the nights in your bed.

My leg over your leg your leg over mine.

Chest to chest, breathe to breathe.

Your arm over my arm.

I wanna get tangled up in you.

We’d burn up under those covers.

Blankets on the floor.

Pillows on the floor.

Clothes on the floor.

My leg over your leg your leg over mine.

Chest to chest, breathe to breathe.

Your arm over my arm.

I wanna get tangled up in you.

I pull the covers up,

Hold the pillow tight,

And I think back to the nights-

My leg over your leg your leg over mine.

Chest to chest, breathe to breathe.

Your arm over my arm.

I wanna get tangled up in you.

Lay on your back,

Head on your chest,

Kisses on my forehead,

I was tangled up in you.


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The Season is Just Getting Started

Nearly a year ago I wrote about inspiration and motivation.  I talked briefly about my health.  Since that time I have lost nearly 30 lbs this year.  I am so proud.  I was motivated by being more desirable to other people, but I feel as though I am motivated to make good choices for myself.  For my own health.  I’ve tuned to shows such as “The Doctors” and “Dr. Oz” who I really admire.  He posed the “Just 10 lb. Challenge.”  He says, “losing just 10 pounds can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk for a stroke, ward off dementia, lower your risk for uterine and breast cancer, and lower your cholesterol up to 10%” This is great news!! Look at all the wonderful I accomplished in losing more than just 10!!  


I am so happy to say that a friend of mine is also losing weight!!!  Per my advice she is using the HCG Drops which work like a charm.  The key is cutting sugar out of your diet including bread, pasta, starches etc.  Which as most of us know is no easy task.  Some of us have a sweet tooth while others are carb-o-holics.


Despite having lost a significant amount of weight this year, I am recently finding it hard to stay motivated.  I ate a S’more the other day and I hated myself for it.  I was having a bad day where a crush had indeed done just that- crushed me.  So I felt sorry for myself and bought the chocolatey treat!!! Not only did I buy it, but I ate it all!!! I am so ashamed.  I sat their across from a frozen yogurt place feeling like an idiot, because no doubt would some yogurt and fruit have been a much better choice than chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.  I shutter to think of the calories consumed 300+ I’m sure.  So while sitting eating S’mores and watching others eat Yogurt Creations, I reflected on words from Dr. Oz that I had just read in “O” magazine, “The degree to which you crave sweets is partly inherited.  But you can retrain your palate to appreciate the subtlety of natural sweetness- in foods like peaches, sweet potatoes, and plums. Next time you need a sugar fix, reach for one of nature’s treats instead of candy or cake: the more you do, the stronger the habit will become. Eventually, you’ll no longer feel the need to dump three packets of sugar in your tea.” I thought about that last night while at the grocery store.  I picked up a snack of peaches for dessert last night and avoided chocolate, small victories!!!

So today is September 23 and summer has officially come to a close and Autumn is here knocking on the door.  I feel that it’s time to open up that door with a big “Welcome!”  in preparation for being a better, healthier version of myself.  As much as I hate to say it I am avoiding ANYTHING with the word Pumpkin in it.  It tastes so good, but it is LOADED with calories.  Also, I would like to take heed of Dr. Oz’s words and introducing fruit into my diet as a snack and a dessert.  



I also picked up some other words of good advice while reading “O” magazine from Martha Beck –  “To achieve bigger goals, take smaller steps.”  She says the bigger the task, the smaller the steps.  Between steps, she rewards her self with something such as a nap, online shopping, nothing huge.  She speaks of  one of her clients who planned on going to the gym by getting up 2 hours early.  She had this plan for 5 years.  Martha suggested she get up 5 minutes early, put on gym clothes, have coffee- full stop.  Her client started with 5 minutes at the gym that then turned to 15 minutes then to a Zumba class.  To incorporate healthy habits into our lives we have to take small steps, whether it’s the foods we eat or the exercise routines we do.  I plan on taking my first step over to the fruit stand at the farmer’s market for a sweet beginning to healthy habits.  

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Do Something Nice Today

I thought about that last night before I went to bed. I was thinking- “I’m going to do something nice tomorrow. I’m going to end up making a new friend and they will feel so special because of my nice gesture.”
I’m disappointed to say that I didn’t do anything nice today… for anyone, except myself. I let myself down. I’m not happy with my actions or rather lack thereof. However, in my defense I didn’t have my phone today… I don’t know where it went besides out of my pocket that I remember putting it in. I was going to call someone just to chat for a bit. I could have still went and visited that someone, but I didn’t, instead I walked around Target. It’s only been a week since I’ve been there but it felt like forever, but I digress…
Lord willing I can wake up tomorrow and have a second chance to do something nice for someone, to make them feel special and make a new friend.

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