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You can do anything when you put your mind to it. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for all I accomplished today. I followed through with the goals I set for myself!!

Tomorrow I will head to PA for a few weeks of work. I am so excited, although the work will be a challenge, I will get to see my friend, who I have not seen in 6 years AND I will get to go to a Nick Carter concert #holla!!!

Just a few more errands and hours and I will be on my way!

Call me ambitious, but I also hope I get to go to Punxsutawney while I’m away for groundhogs day!!!

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I know that January is almost over, but for some reason I am feeling inspired. I think it may be because I didn’t do anything at all today. It’s completely ok and healthy to just spend some days doing nothing, but I don’t want to take advantage of the times I don’t have to get out early by doing the opposite. I didn’t make a resolution on New Year’s, but I am feeling lead to make one now.
I resolve to making myself get more rest, more water and more joy. I resolve instead of decorating my walls with inspirational words it will be my life that is decorated with words of empowerment. I resolve to be resilient when I get knocked down to jump right back and dust myself off.
What have you resolved to do this year?

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I was on my way to go to bed, when I realized how happy, encouraged and motivated I feel.  I finally have support from the one person in my life I am always seeking it from and it is such a liberating experience.  


Some time ago, I wrote about pursuing my passion.  At that time I was talking about a creative outlet.  I pursued it very little and didn’t get anywhere. At this same time I was discouraged because I was at a job I didn’t like.  Since I didn’t like my job I didn’t excel in the field. I was terminated from that job and had a rough few weeks following, but before I lost my job and in the time following that I was able to pursue my networking passion.  In the spring through the summer and up to now I was able to work on promotions for friends of mine.  The experience that I’ve had networking for them has been rewarding and I plan to pursue it further.

In the fall, I was able to go to a place I love, Massachusetts.  I did work there for about 6 weeks. I had to move around a lot while I was up there which was the biggest inconvenience, it was made abundantly clear to me that I needed a new car, as daily something different was going wrong with my 2000 VW Beetle.  Other than those things and day to day happenings with humanity the experience was good.  The weather was nice, the project was a success.  



As we move towards winter I embark on new endeavors which includes a possible trip to Texas for a short project in a Frisco where a good friend of mine lives. I have also finally taken a dive into the market of direct sales.  I am officially a Just Jewelry consultant.  I am happy to support a brand that I can stand behind, but it feels good to have the support of family and friends.

My next goal as the year comes to a close, is to get my health into order.  I would really love to lose weight by eating right and exercise.  I’m an amateur in the kitchen, I would really like to better my skills as a cook and also I want to kick my workout routine up a notch.  I have several issues to overcome:

  1. I do not have a workout partner
  2. I do not have a set routine for myself
  3. I do not have the knowledge I need for a complete and balanced diet/workout routine

I have to keep in mind a quote I recently came by- “No one is going to tell you to get off your ass and work out. Motivation comes from within. No one wants this more than you.” So there goes my excuse about having a partner. I can make a routine for myself IF I would set a time to go to sleep and to wake up and STICK TO IT. (as I write this at 12:36a).  Lastly, I can obtain knowledge about diet, nutrition, health and exercise, but I have to go and get it.  Right now, I’m being lazy and unmotivated, I’m motivated in other areas of my life; now is the time to pursue excellence in all areas, not just some.  I need to light the fire and light up the night!


I’ll do my best to keep you posted on my journey, struggles and successes.  Also, send any tips, comments or suggestions you may have my way!

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Life List

I think about it all the time, things I wanna do in life. I know people who make lists of things they want to do before a certain age. Which is actually a good idea because then you give yourself deadlines. However, I’ve always thought about it as “Things I Want to Do in My Life,” or “Things to do Before I Bie.”

When I was younger I started my list. It included-
Learning a foreign language
Learning how to sew
Learning how to play the piano
Guess what? This list was composed in elementary school and I haven’t learned how to do ANY of them!!!!!

I add to my list all the time (in my head), but what good does it do if I just do it in my head. So, I’d like to make a point to make my list and follow through. Maybe somethings I’ll follow through with tomorrow and maybe somethings I won’t for weeks/ months…
I’ve got several prominent ones rolling around in my head, but as they say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I have an interview next week for the cosmetics counter at Macy’s which is good because that leads me to the first objective on my list…
Learn how to do make-up, professional make-up.
Yes it sounds superficial, but I see it as an expression, a creative outlet and as an art form. I would love to able to have the confidence and tools to turn someone’s face from a blank canvas into a beautiful masterpiece, filled with color and beauty. I really love dramatic make-up and I’d love to be able to do make up for a photo shoot(s).

I’d also like to make more money so getting a second job at a cosmetics counter sounds like a good idea to me!

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Conquering Blogging

I’m creating and tweaking this blog. I feel so out of the loop. I used to blog on my____. I liked changing my profile. It seemed kind of simple, browse profiles and copy and pasted them. However, several YEARS ago when I started going to college, my mom cancelled the internet. And since then due to that and other circumstances I have fallen behind in technology. While falling further behind I have also developed a fear. A fear of the internet. A fear of codes, websites, downloading, uploading and whatever else is out there that I may not understand. Today the fear becomes conquered! I take on more than just e-mails, google and Facebook. Today, I dive head first into being a blogger. I will explore themes, appearances, widgets and avatars/ gravatars. But most of all I will post. I will give my self a creative outlet. I will write about being a twenty-something, who takes on daily life, the city and the world around her fearlessly, fiercely independent.

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