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Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Post

Throughout this year I have been fairly faithful in picking up one of my best friends habits- face masking every other day.  The friend whom I picked up this habit from is very disciplined and seems like she gets more and more disciplined with each passing year.  I now admire this in her, but of course for the longest time I just thought she was weird and needed something better to do with her time. But of course now I see that she is mature, really, she has always been for her age; she is always looking towards the future. Why am I talking about skin care and my friend’s good hygienic habits? I am getting at two things with this post-

First, is the mask I am currently using- I love it and it works wonders!! GLAMGLOW which was created & founded by Glenn & Shannon Dellimore for exclusive behind the scenes use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award Industries used professionally pre makeup for camera ready skin. Created for men & women of all ages and all skin types, maybe the best part about this product is that it is, proudly made in California, USA and available in 52 countries.  I buy mine at Sephora.   It makes your face taunt to the point of being barely able to move, it’s awesome!! It of course also clears up your skin of breakouts and gives it a great shine after use.  By using it I feel like I’m undo-ing some of my aging.  I put it on for 15 minutes and then use a warm washcloth to scrub off the mask.  I bought a trial size for $19 and it lasted me about 3-4 uses which for me was about one week.  I ordered the gift set before Christmas which included a trial size and full size.  The trial size I gifted mom for Christmas and kept the full size for myself.    


Second, brings me to the ever popular New Year’s Resolution.  I am picking one thing in particular that I think will help my life in every other aspect.  I am resolving to be disciplined as my aforementioned friend also is.  I will get in the habit of getting enough sleep, going to bed at a decent hour so that I may get up early in the morning to take advantage of my day.  I will discipline myself to focus on my health, my home, my hobbies as well as those other things like bills that also unfortunately require discipline.  I think with age I developed discipline, but as I mentioned earlier my friend seems to have developed her discipline at least a decade ago.  It seems some people are just born that way while others are not, but I don’t think that’s the case.  Remember in school there were kids that always seemed to be studying and got good grades?  I remember thinking, as I’m sure many of you also did, that they were weird, teacher’s pets, obsessed with school or just didn’t have anything better to do.  When in actuality maybe that was because they were disciplined and not just weird.  Anyone can develop this trait; it’s a choice we have to make.  I think some folks are fortunate enough to develop it earlier in life. When we saw studious kids in school these tikes probably learned it from their parents.  I want to be I am going to be a disciplined adult so that one day I will be a disciplined parent to (Lord willing) discpilined children.  But for right now I will solely focus on disciplining myself!!

Life without DISCIPLINE is like a ship without a rudder

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